Price: $45.90 - $39.88
(as of Mar 08, 2023 13:54:28 UTC – Details)

>> >> Heavy Duty Commercial Industrial Dust Mop : We choose very good quality material , highly versatile mop is able to absorb any dirty water quickly and clean all types of mess . it make your daily life cleaning more easily .
>> >>67 inch stainless steel handle : Sturdy handle with 67inch length ,No need to bend for mopping the floor , very suitable for USA market
>> Installation : Thumb wheel can be screwed up or down for helping release the mop head or tightly clamp the mop head down into the position . A side gate for easily remove and replace mop head, Simply open the latch, slip the mop head into the position ,then clip the gate tightly
>> >>Multi-purpose use : Our versatile wet floor mop is perfect for commercial and home floor cleaning jobs . It can be used to clean tile floor, marble floor, concrete floor, and wood floor. Product warranty period of 60 days.